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CWVA Appoints New Leadership

On January 9th, 2019, the Combat Wounded Veterans of America (CWVA) Board of Directors and CEO J.C. Bravo, appointed the CWVAs Chief Operating Officer Dan Harris, Director of Counsel Joel Abelove, Chief Information Officer Alexander Prezioso, and Director of Special Projects Esmeralda Cordero.

Dan E. Harris, is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel serving as CWVA’s Chief Operating Officer. He brings with him a vast knowledge of Operational Logistics. Dan recently retired from the US Army and spend many years, including time deployed in the Middle East, moving mountains in the logistical world. In addition to Operations, Dan is very well versed in commanding the largest battalion in New York.

Joel Abelove is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel appointed as CWVA’s Director of Council. Joel spend a career in the Army as a JAG and in the civilian side, as a District Attorney for Rensselaer County in the Albany area. Needless to say, Joel bring to the table the infinite legal know knowledge that an expanding company, such as CWVA, needs now that we are in a growing phase. A wise man thought me that in order to cruise smoothly, without having any legal catastrophes, BYOL (bring your own lawyer).

Alex Prezioso was appointed as CWVA’s Chief Information Officer. Alex has more than 20 years experience in the Army. He has a very impressive resume which includes an emphasis in Project Management within IT sector. He effectively leads the team that is currently about to launch the internet based Human Resources platform that will launch the US Army (Army National Guard, Army Reserves and the regular Army) into the 21 century. He has already impressed many of the CWVA staff with the revamping of our website. He will also create a phone app for CWVA.

Esmeralda Cordero is a retired Army Sergeant appointed as the Director of Special Projects for CWVA. Esmeralda has been a Board Member for CWVA for quite sometime and we are very fortunate that she has agreed to assist us in this very crucial moment, as we prepare to Go-Live (very soon) with the implementation phase of the Boxing Grant that the Veterans Administration awarded CWVA. In additionally, Esmeralda is a professional singer that has been working in conjunction with CWVA for several years. Also, she is a Soldier veteran that brings with her, many years of soldiering. Her Project Management experience includes being the Senior Project Manager for the New York National Guard Hispanic Heritage Month.

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